Banana Land

Dancing in Banana Land is a collection of poems and stories by Liv Torc that explores themes of identity, love, loss, and humanity. The book takes readers on a journey through Torc’s personal experiences as she reflects on her upbringing, her relationships, and her encounters with the world around her. The poems and stories are honest, raw, and powerful, often blending humor with deep emotion. From the whimsical “Ode to My Packet of Mints” to the heart-wrenching “The Things That Don’t Go in the Box,” Torc’s writing offers a fresh perspective on life’s everyday moments. With a mix of wit, vulnerability, and compassion, “Dancing in Banana Land” is a captivating read that leaves readers reflecting on their own experiences and the universal human experiences we all share.


2006 commissioned work

4th Quick Painting Contest

El Corte Ingles